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Our most colourful series

Anyone looking for a colourful tap should not miss the Cobber series! This comprises the trendiest designer taps where form, innovation and colour are combined. It’s the most popular Hotbath series for a good reason.

The unique colours of the Cobber series

Cobber taps are available in as many as fifteen different finishes. Black taps are focal points in any modern bathroom influenced by the latest trends. Alternatively, go for something truly special with fashionable brushed brass. Opt for chrome or brushed nickel if you prefer a timeless tap.

The taps from the Cobber series are also available in brushed brass, polished brass, aged brass, brushed copper or shiny nickel, our beautiful living colours. These taps are finished without surface protection, so the colour changes naturally. Over time, the material acquires a beautiful patina through handling and other influences.

The right tap for your bathroom

The Laddy, Cobber, and Buddy series have been developed according to the same concept. Each of these is top quality, durable and easy to install. They have the same basic design but are all a little different. With an outflow diameter of 20 mm, Cobber comes in right between Laddy (ø 18 mm) and Buddy (ø 26 mm). So there’s something for everyone, and there’ll always be a place for a Hotbath tap in your home.

The advantages of Cobber

The Cobber series is the most versatile of the Hotbath series and easily adapted to your own style. Whether you’re looking for a tap for a wash-hand basin or want to completely overhaul your bathroom, the possibilities with Cobber are endless.

  • Choice of as many as thirteen colours
  • Cobber living colours change colour naturally
  • Three finishes are available with the unique PVD coating.
  • Can be supplemented with bathroom accessories in the same colours as the taps
  • 10-year guarantee on the high-quality inner workings produced by Flühs
  • The Flower Power System ensures hot water is not wasted
  • Can be mounted and placed in three different ways thanks to the 3+3 system

Ask your bathroom fittings consultant about all of the features of Cobber. Our dealers can help you with that.

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Coloured taps in your home? Check out the popular Cobber series! These taps are available in 13 colours. Choose matt black or brushed brass , for example. View the series:

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