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Brushed Nickel (GN)

Brushed nickel resembles stainless steel and has its own subtle, warm glow. The brushed finish is carefully applied by hand so that the tap acquires a traditional artisan look. Each example is, therefore, unique, as the product and material have been given individual attention. This finish looks equally good in a minimalist setting as well as in a space with rich details. By choosing brushed nickel, you have a versatile tap with a luxurious appearance. The original brushing and fall of light create a different effect on the look of each individual item. Taps in brushed nickel fit into their settings like chameleons.

Cleaning Brushed Nickel: our tips and tricks

Nobody wants to spend hours on their hands and knees cleaning off limescale build-up in the bathroom. Luckily you won't need to - follow our advice to keep your bathroom shiny and clean! The tips and tricks below will help keep your taps looking amazing.

✔ Tip 1: wipe dry with a soft (hand) towel or cloth.

✔ Tip 2: be careful when using sharp objects

✔ Tip 3: use (Hotbath) tap cleaner

✔ Tip 4: remove limescale from the nozzles

Hotbath items are made entirely of high-quality brass with a heavy-duty chrome plating (CR). To prevent damage and any complaints, both when using and cleaning taps and showers, follow the cleaning instructions below. Our guarantee does not cover any damage caused through careless use or cleaning.

Hotbath gives a 5-year guarantee on chrome when our Hotbath tap cleaner is used.

Tip 1: Minimum effort, maximum effect

Your taps remain limescale-free for longer if they are dried with a soft cloth or towel after use. If you have just enjoyed a refreshing shower, give it a quick 'pat on the head' with the towel you've used to dry yourself. In this way, you dry yourself and your taps at the same time. Try to make this a habit after showering. It's a small task that has a significant effect and removes the need for hours of heavy cleaning later.

Tip 2: Prevention is better than cure

Just like with a car, sharp objects can cause scratches on your taps. The taps are covered with a very high-quality finish but, like car paint, will always remain somewhat susceptible to scratches. Prevent these scratches by refraining from using scouring sponges, abrasives or microfiber cloths. Also, be careful with your jewellery. You have chosen the Ferrari of taps, after all.

Tip 3: Use a good sanitation cleaner

Easy-peasy; When giving your bathroom its weekly clean, use the Hotbath tap cleaner. Always spray the Hotbath cleaner onto a soft cloth or sponge and then apply it to the tap; never spray directly onto the tap itself. Allow the spray to work in for no longer than 1-2 minutes. Then rinse everything thoroughly so no tap cleaner remains on the product, and wipe your taps dry to finish.

Tip 4: Remove limescale from your shower head nozzles

You've probably been there: you're enjoying a nice hot shower, and you look up and suddenly see that a number of the water jets in your shower head are shooting off in various directions, except for the right one. This means there is limescale in the nozzles. It's nothing serious, as you can easily remove limescale build-up in the shower head nozzles with a good rub of your hand. Do this a few times while showering to prevent the nozzles from becoming blocked, and you'll be able to enjoy using your shower for many years to come!

Hard limescale deposits? To keep your nozzles completely free of limescale, clean your overhead shower and hand-held shower again with the Hotbath tap cleaner. Don't forget to rinse everything off thoroughly after 1-2 minutes, and dry off.

What Hotbath does not recommend

  • using a cleaning agent that contains hydrochloric acid, vinegar or any other aggressive acid or chlorine;
  • using an (industrial) cleaning agent that contains phosphorus;
  • mixing different cleaning agents;
  • using aggressive cleaning agents, scouring sponges and microfiber cloths;

Even products like shampoo, colour rinses, shower gels and liquid soap can cause damage. Taps must also be thoroughly rinsed with water afterwards. Using a soft cloth on taps and showers after showering/bathing keeps the products free from limescale for longer.

Important advice when using a water softener

When using a water softener, you must pay close attention to the advice from your supplier regarding the adjustment of the system. Improperly adjusted water softeners can cause irreversible damage to metal surfaces that come into contact with drying shower or bath water. This damage is recognisable by what is known as an orange effect on polished finishes or non-polishable marks on brushed finishes. Hotbath fittings affected in this way are not covered by any form of guarantee.

Traditional artisan product

A brushed nickel tap is a traditional artisanal product. Each artisanal product is, therefore, unique since the product and material have been given individual attention. Each part is carefully brushed manually by our tap specialists.

Brushed finishes add a gorgeous dynamic to the bathroom. In this way, each part acquires its own unique look. This means that not only the direction of brushing but also the shape of the surface and incidence of light create a different effect on its appearance.

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