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Colorful bathroom inspiration


Colorful bathroom inspiration

A white bathroom is increasingly being replaced by a bathroom with color. What do you think of ocher yellow walls, dark gray tiles and taps in aged iron? With a Hotbath washbasin faucet or shower faucet you bring color into your home. Be inspired by these colorful bathroom ideas.

Cobber badrandcombinatie CB073 mat wit
Inbouw wastafelmengkraan CB005 mat wit

Color in the bathroom

White is often chosen as the color for the plumbing, tiles and walls. Quite logical, because it looks fresh and calm. It's a safe color choice that you don't easily go wrong with, but it's also a bit boring. With color you give your bathroom character and make it something special. And contrary to what you might think, a colorful bathroom can also be an oasis of calm. Natural colors such as nude tones, sand colors and terracotta are popular. Do you want to apply a brighter color in the bathroom? Which can! Choose this brighter color as a base and combine with shades of grey, white and black. For example, you can combine a white tap from the Cobber series from Hotbath with more outspoken colours. It is rumored that matte white taps will become the new bathroom trend. Are you right away!

Keeper: dark taps

Dark faucets are very popular and that trend continues. Beautiful in a modern or industrial bathroom, but also in a Scandinavian bathroom or a country bathroom. In short, in every bathroom actually! If you are looking for a colorful tap, you cannot ignore the Cobber series from Hotbath. In addition to matt black, aged brass or brushed gunmetal PVD, you can choose from no less than thirteen finishes, such as aged iron (see the image below). It is not for nothing that Cobber is one of Hotbath's most popular faucet series. For example, choose a washbasin mixer with a rotating spout Cobber CB004 or a beautiful built-in shower set. You can combine dark faucets with almost all colors, so it's easy to mix and match.

Are you curious about the best way to maintain dark taps? Then consult our cleaning advice.

Inbouw wastafelkraan CB005 verouderd ijzer
Vrijstaande badmengkraan CB077 verouderd ijzer

Copper taps

For everyone who falls for everything that shines: metallic tones such as copper also fit well in a colorful bathroom. For example, you can opt for a copper shower head, a washbasin mixer tap, a bath tap and a copper shower tap. At Hotbath you can choose from faucets in brushed copper and brushed copper PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). Thanks to the PVD coating, you buy a faucet with an aged look and that appearance is retained even after years. This is in contrast to brushed copper (without PVD), a finish that changes color naturally. Whichever finish you choose: brushed copper gives your bathroom a warm look. In combination with dark colors or special tiles, your bathroom gets a chic look.

Luxury bathroom or toilet? Dark in color

We are also increasingly seeing dark bathrooms and toilets. Admittedly: you have to have some guts for it, but it exudes luxury and creates a sense of security. Dark colors include black, dark blue, cobalt blue and dark gray tiles. Taps in polished or brushed brass fit perfectly in a dark bathroom. These faucets have the looks of gold and take your bathroom design to the next level. Polished brass (NB) has a nice shine, brushed brass (BB) has a somewhat matt appearance. We call these finishes 'Living Colours'. The taps acquire a unique patina through use and external influences. Or how about a combination with brushed nickel or brushed copper? Chic!

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