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Green in the bathroom


By adding plants to your bathroom, you can imagine yourself in Bali or Costa Rica for a moment. The fresh plant green provides a nice contrast to the sleek faucets in shiny chrome, brushed brass or another special finish. Do you want to make even more conscious and sustainable choices in the bathroom? You have come to the right place for that.

Trend: plants in the bathroom

Plants bring a bathroom to life and make you feel like you're in a tropical holiday destination. No matter how small your bathroom is: there is always room for a plant. On top of the mirror cabinet, on the radiator or in a niche near the toilet. Do you want to go big? Then choose a wall full of ferns for a super deluxe hotel vibe. Or hang a bunch of eucalyptus under the shower head for the ultimate spa feeling. At the garden center they can tell you exactly which plants are suitable for the bathroom.

Want to add some spice to all those plants? Taps series Buddy consists of sturdy, powerful and timeless taps that can be seen. The chrome and brushed nickel finishes form a nice contrast to the fresh green. The bathroom is a humid and warm space, in which one plant thrives better than the other. With the hand shower of your shower set or bath mixer, you can easily refresh your plants. Place them in the shower or bath and gently spray them off. It immediately produces an Instagram-worthy picture. Don't forget to tag us?

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Groen in de badkamer
Groen in de badkamer

Sustainable bathroom

A 'green' bathroom also means choosing a sustainable bathroom. Without sacrificing comfort, of course! By saving water, you also lower your energy bill. A win-win situation. Some sustainable options from Hotbath:

Flower Power System

Almost all our taps are equipped with the Flower Power System and are therefore very economical with hot water. In the neutral position, the taps provide cold water, unlike other single-lever taps that dispense mixed water. As a result, the central heating boiler or other heat source always switches on and that costs energy. Most Hotbath faucets only provide mixed or warm water after turning the handle.

Save water with a basin mixer tap

Save even more water? All basin mixer taps -whether you opt for built-in or surface-mounted- are equipped with a built-in limitation so that they only use 5.7 liters of water per minute. While 9 – 10 liters used to be more common.

Eco Air System

With almost all built-in and exposed shower sets from Hotbath you can save up to 50% water thanks to the innovative EcoAir System. The 20 cm rain showers use only 9 liters of water per minute. Thanks to a special technique, air is added to the water and you enjoy a wonderfully comfortable jet and at the same time save on water. The larger overhead showers are also equipped with the EcoAir system and use 12 liters of water per minute. Also an energy-efficient choice compared to regular rain showers.

Is a water-saving shower head important to you?

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Natural materials

If you want to make even more sustainable choices in the bathroom, natural, unprocessed materials are a good option. Consider, for example, a solid wooden washbasin, natural stone tiles that come straight from the quarries or taps in the purest form of brass. These taps are finished without surface protection, so that the color changes naturally. Through touches and external influences, the tap comes to life over time and the material forms a unique patina.

Looking for new cranes? Ask your sanitary advisor about the possibilities of Hotbath. Our dealers are spread throughout Europe and are happy to help you.

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VKTR interieurontwerp - Groen in de badkamer
VKTR interieurontwerp - Groen in de badkamer

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