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There are hundreds of tips to be found when it comes to saving energy at home. For example, only use LED lighting, prevent standby consumption, use a smart thermostat or simply lower the thermostat. You can also save energy by saving on hot water.

About one quarter of your gas consumption is spent on hot water for the bathroom and kitchen. With the current energy prices, it is nice to know where you can save. With a few simple adjustments you can go a long way and save on the energy bill. Read our tips quickly and start saving!

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Archie Beam hoofddouche AR470IX

Tips for the bathroom

1. We all enjoy a nice warm and relaxing shower, but try to minimize the time in the shower. Place a nice timer in the shower and set a maximum shower time of 5 minutes. Do you also have time to do other fun things!

2. Install a thermostatic shower or bath mixer. With a thermostatic faucet, the water reaches the desired temperature faster and remains constant during your shower. This is not only pleasant, but you also save energy and water.

3. Shower comfortably and save water? Use a water-saving shower head for the shower. The Hotbath shower heads are equipped with the Shower Power System (SPS) and the Ecoair system. The SPS system ensures an even distribution of the water within the shower head, creating a pleasant shower experience with a minimal supply. The Ecoair system adds air to the water, which means you will save considerably on water consumption. All this, of course, without sacrificing comfort!

4. Taking a bath is a very nice way to relax, but it also costs a lot more water than taking a short shower. Therefore, try to limit taking a bath as much as possible.

Are you going to renovate your bathroom soon and are you taking a bath? Then make sure that the bath is well insulated so that the hot water stays hot longer

5. Don't waste hot water. In many cases, the handle of the sink faucet is only turned to cold when the water starts to get lukewarm. Meanwhile, the water pipe is already being heated and you are consuming energy unnecessarily. The Hotbath basin mixer taps provide cold water in the neutral position, so there is no wastage of hot water and it also looks sleek!

Don't forget the kitchen!

Not only can water be saved in the bathroom, this also applies in the kitchen.

1. A very simple but effective tip; do not run the tap longer or faster than necessary.

2. Use a 'green' kitchen faucet. The Hotbath kitchen faucets are equipped with the Flower Power System, so you don't waste water and energy. The simplest and most effective energy saving imaginable.

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