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Showers of all shapes and sizes


With these showers, your bathroom becomes a mini-wellness

Walk-in showers are extremely popular. And such a sleek walk-in shower naturally includes a wonderful, large overhead shower. This way you feel as if a tropical rain shower is falling over you. If you prefer not to have wet hair, opt for an extra hand shower. The location of the built-in thermostat and the built-in taps? That's entirely up to you. After all, nothing is as personal as taking a shower!

Showers of all shapes and sizes

The bathroom has long ceased to be a 'wet room', but nowadays it is more like a home spa. A walk-in shower should of course not be missing in your new bathroom. This is a shower room without a door, but with a (glass) shower enclosure. A number of advantages of a walk-in shower in a row:

  • Provides separation from the rest of the bathroom and prevents everything from getting wet
  • Because the shower wall is made of glass, the bathroom retains its spaciousness
  • Looks sleek and modern
  • Has no thresholds, so safe and future-proof
  • Maintenance-friendly because you have less glass

A shower set is the finishing touch of a walk-in shower and there is a lot to choose from at Hotbath. You can completely customize a shower set to your taste and personal wishes. If you like a trendy shower set in matt black, copper or gold, Cobber is the right choice for you. If you are looking for a timeless faucet, consider the Laddy faucet series. And do you have a rural home or a bathroom with a nostalgic touch? Be surprised by the Amice series.

In addition to Cobber, Laddy and Amice, Hotbath has many more series. View all possibilities!

A shower set in matte black or brushed brass?

Cobber is one of Hotbath's most popular faucet series and a real asset to your walk-in shower. For example, choose a complete thermostatic shower set (IBS20). The shower has two shut-off valves. This means that the overhead shower and the hand shower can be turned on at the same time, but they can also be used separately. The modern set can also be mounted in different ways, so that it perfectly matches the layout of your bathroom and personal wishes. Prefer a larger overhead shower, three-position hand shower or a ceiling tube instead of a wall arm? It's up to you! If you have the space and you regularly take a shower with your partner at the same time, then a double shower is highly recommended. It creates a luxurious hotel feeling in your own home. You always have to keep dreaming, right?

Tap series Mate: Pure wellness in your bathroom

The Mate series provides a wellness experience in the bathroom. The showers have a sleek design, a chic look and can be expanded with all kinds of luxurious functions. Think of showers with a cascade spout (waterfall), a warm mist function and massaging body jets. A number of overhead showers are equipped with LED lighting. You can choose from no less than nine colors. For example, red LED lighting gives you an energy boost and a green color provides relaxation.

You can choose from round or square built-in showers that are incorporated into the ceiling, but also for an overhead shower with a wall arm or ceiling tube. The Mate series even includes an overhead shower that incorporates Bluetooth speakers. What more could you want in your home spa? Last but not least, the taps are also a sustainable choice. Thanks to the EcoAir System, the shower sets use water sparingly. They use less water than a regular rain shower, without sacrificing comfort.

The Mate series offers many options in terms of sizes and designs. Are you curious about what is possible? Watch the whole series!


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