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The bathroom of Miranda



I was totally smitten with the free-standing bath mixer tap from Hotbath, so I just had to get a bathtub!’ – Miranda

Bathroom with an exotic tint

The years of the Covid pandemic were not the best, but Miranda and Marcel managed
to get themselves a beautiful new bathroom. The transformation of their
bathroom even went viral on Instagram (4 million views!). Miranda: ‘It was so
great that so many people got that wow feeling from seeing our new bathroom!’

Binnenkijker Miranda Badkraan
Binnenkijker Miranda Hero banner


Who Miranda Cornelissen (48, entrepreneur and successful Instagrammer huisje_in_empel) and Marcel Lathouwers (55, consultant at an IT company) Where Den Bosch Property type free-standing house from 2006 of 190 m² Bathroom 9.5 m² Particulars ‘I’m really happy with the niche wall, which we have filled with accessories. There’s a chute hidden behind the niche wall, and we really had no idea what to do about it. The interior designer came up with this amazing idea.’

When Miranda and her husband Marcel worked at home during the pandemic, they began to see their interior differently. Miranda: ‘Some things were really starting to bother us. The first thing we did was redo our living room, but then we had to wait sixteen years before getting around to the bathroom. The couple loves to travel and stay in nice otels. They wanted to bring this atmosphere into their new bathroom. Whatever Miranda likes, she collects using a personal vision board on Pinterest. A clear style emerges from the pictures: a luxurious, comfortable bathroom with dark-brown wood, light but warmly tinted plaster, beautiful XXL Travertine tiles and exceptional taps. “The mix of materials and colours reminded me of foreign places. I really want to create
that sense of WOW! Interior designer Kylie van Gerven looked at what we wanted,
got to work and created a very inspirational bathroom design. We could then add
our own interpretation to it.’

Binnenkijker Miranda
Binnenkijker Miranda

Taps in aged iron: sleek yet robust

The aged iron finish is a little bit different.

The dream became a reality when their new bathroom was created in the spring of
2022. Miranda herself found the sanitaryware and all of the bathroom accessories. And, of course, she had to have exceptional taps as well. ‘I came across Hotbath on Instagram. When I saw the Cobber taps, I was sold on them immediately. The aged iron finish combines beautifully with the dark-brown bathroom furniture and the wall colour (Muslin from Painting the Past.) I really love tones on tones in an interior, but I always add some contrast as well. The wash-hand basin mixer tap is sleek yet still sturdy, and the colour is just that little bit different from what you see a lot nowadays.

We used to have two wash-hand basins but only ever used one. This is why we have
now chosen just one large bathroom bowl sink. It’s paired with the tall, shiny Cobber
wash-hand basin tap (CB003HC) with an extra-long outflow. I wanted the XXL tile (260x120 cm), which was also possible. Everyone said I was nuts, but when I want something, I go for it. The exceptional mirror was also something I've wanted for a long time. It makes me think of the sun going down and extends behind the furniture. It gives us a holiday feeling every day.'

IBS70 verouderd ijzer
Hoofddouche M106 verouderd ijzer

Waterfall on your head

Miranda and her husband Marcel decided to enlarge the bathroom by sacrificing a section of their dressing room. As a result, there was space for a wash-hand basin 180 cm long, a large walk-in shower, a free-standing bathtub and a toilet. “We don’t regret it in the least. The size of the room also contributes to the sense of luxury and comfort. We are often in the bathroom at the same time and don't want to be in each other's way. We are very sensitive to the play of lines in an interior. This is why we had the rain shower controls placed vertically on the extra-large Travertine tile. It emphasises the height and lines up beautifully with the rest of the bathroom. We always start the day under the extra-large rain shower (Cobber M106), which is mounted on a wall bracket. The feel of the water on your head and body is so good. It’s also a sustainable overhead
shower, meaning that air is added to the water (Ecoir system). For us, it’s the perfect start to the day. We can use the hand-held and overhead showers at the same time. Very handy when we’re taking a shower together, and you want to give your neck a quick massage with the flow of water.'

Toilet Accessoires in verouderd ijzer
Vrijstaande badmengkraan CB077 in verouderd ijzer

Accessories in aged iron

Miranda and Marcel have a view of the free-standing bath mixer tap from the shower. ‘It
can be seen from each corner of the bathroom, also if you’re standing in front of the mirror. I fell in love with it immediately, so we had to get a bath as well,’ she laughs. ‘The free-standing bath contributes to the bathroom’s luxury spa vibe. We mainly use it in winter. That’s the best time to relax in warm water with a glass of wine, some music and a book. The free-standing tap is both sturdy and elegant and really completes the bathroom for me. I find cohesion crucial. This is why the controls for the toilet, soap dispenser and toilet brush holder are also done in aged iron. And there are many more Hotbath accessories on my wish list!’

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